Why Join

All the benefits below will be available to your business.

International Network
Through the Chamber, members are linked to SIGOA-TOPS, West Africa Trade and Information Network (TINET) & COMMONWEALTH NETWORK (COMBINET), a network of top CEO’s within the Commonwealth and the WORLD CHAMBER NETWORK (WCN).
Through the membership directory, members are linked to potential and credible foreign and local partners to enable them to meet, exchange views and identify new business opportunities.

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions
The Chamber facilitates the participation of members in international trade fairs, conferences, seminars and exhibitions, the Chamber actively co-ordinates pre-exhibition arrangements with organizers in the host country.

Foreign Markets
The Chamber provides assistance to member firms, which want to enter a foreign market through training and advice on exporting, documentation including certificates of origin and market intelligence.

The Chamber makes representation to government on behalf of its members; as such member complaints on taxation, employment, investment incentives etc. are dealt with by government at the executive level.

Trade Enquiries
The Chamber receives thousands of enquiries, form both home and abroad for partners, suppliers, agents, trade shows, etc. These enquiries are given to only members.
Once you are registered your profile is stored in our database, and you would be contacted regularly on issues related to your business.