Mission & Objective

Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

Vision Statement

To be the essential focus for the whole Business Community by promoting commercial, industrial and agricultural growth through the Private Sector.

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture as presently constituted came into existence in 1961. Prior to this there existed in Sierra Leone, the European Chamber of Commerce, the African Chamber of Commerce, and the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce.

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is a voluntary association of businessmen and women of all nationalists carrying on business in the country and who wish to become members. The Chamber does not interfere in the running of the business of its members except when is assistance is sought by individual members.

Mission Statement

To promote the interest of members by:

  • Encouraging all sector of the business community to support and participate in the activities of the chamber in order to highlight their needs and problems.
  • Providing a network of national business contacts and opportunities including international trade services.
  • Providing range of up to date information services.
  • Supporting the provision of an increasing range of training at all levels.
  • Organizing and participating in all full range of promotional activities both nationally and regionally.
  • Improving the perceived role and value of the private sector.
  • Influencing investment decision making for the benefit of Sierra Leone.
  • Advancing the interest of Sierra Leone in International Business.
  • Mobilizing business skills and concepts in joint venture partnership.
  • Working with other organizations in Sierra Leone, within the region and internationally.